Unanswerable Question

Photo Credit: UnSplash Bryan Minear

This past weekend, as I sat in the room filled with 100 participants in Communications Access to Power Course and  the question from the course leader at the front of the room was  “What is your unanswerable Question.”  Like any modern day human being, I turned to Google for the answer.  And yet there was no answer…to my unanswerable question. All kidding aside, we often turn to the internet for our answers today, however, the only place this question will exist is within ourself.

Let me explain.  Our unanswerable question is an internal dialogue within our thoughts on how we occur to ourself with others.  Once I spoke with a few of my team members I got my question that is running 24/7 in my thoughts is “Will you leave me?”  There will never be an answer for me to this question.  If there is then it is not my unanswerable question.

Imagine you are meeting me for the first time, we connect, we greet each other, and we engage in a great conversation.  We may continue this relationship for days, months, even years.  All the while, every day continuously in my mind the context that is operating underneath all of our conversation ultimately ends up with a question “Will you leave me?  You will not know this, however, somehow, deep in my subconscious, I am getting ready for the day I disappear out of your life.  I have set you up perfectly without you even knowing.

This notion of context has followed me throughout my life, into virtually every topic I’ve come to wrestle with. Once I can find the “corners of the room,” I can begin to make sense out of whatever subject I’m dealing with.  However, when we dive into the “why” topics of how time and space began, and even the size of the universe, I find myself struggling to even formulate good question.

Once we get to the root of our unanswerable question we can begin to examine the space in which we exist as human beings and begin to ponder these questions.  Thought or theory?  Real or Unreal?  Illusion or Reality?

Why does time exist?

Time is the sound of a metronome ticking in our heads, the beat of our heart, the blinking lids on our eyes, the mental waves in our brains, and all the circadian cycles that govern our lives.  Much like fish that can’t understand water because they’re in it all the time, we have a very poor grasp of our most immersive of all substances – time.

Each of us thinks about time differently. To some it is a tool to be leveraged, to others a setting sun, a theory of physics, a philosophy to be debated, the hands of a clock, a lengthening of a shadow, or the grains of sand dropping in an hourglass.  And yet every truth we have about the existence of time comes with a counterbalancing exception to the rule.

What Einstein may have been alluding to is the existence of other dimensions outside of those governed by time. But whenever he made the comment, it always ended with a smile, the universal sign for “no further explanation will be forthcoming.”