Photo Credit, Paul Bence, Unsplash

Many people think that they are living life in the fast lane driving the Porche down the QEW.  When really what is going on is they are jumping from one lane to the next and the next on whatever looks cool and interesting in the moment.  While this may give you a feeling of change, it rarely leads to success.

I had the same problem for 20 years, but I cured myself of this “shiny-object” syndrome and today I am teaching how you can to.  In fact, half of the people who will read this e-mail have the same problem of trying to get in the fast lane, but continually get off track instead.  What can you do about it?

Two words:  Focus and Commitment

It is super is easy to be pulled into all different directions when all of the exaggerated promises bombarded at you on all sides.  Your radio promises them through breakfast foods, on-line ads daily as you check your friends life activities on Facebook, magazines offer them through beauty and charm advertisements.

None of the above systems mentions that to live life with some degree of success, inner changes are necessary.

Your life is all that you really have.  Your years on this planet are your most priceless possession.  I spent 20 years looking for the right vehicle.  Instead there is only the right you within the vehicle you love.

I committed to staying focused on one thing until I got my success.  You do not have to do that, but I will say this.  Commit to something for a minimum of 3 years.

The only time you can be happy and successful is right now.  If you read this far, you know there is something you can relate to in yourself.  I want to know your story and how you stay in the fast lane.