Carol Moxam Testimonials

Lifestyle and Leadership Coaching Testimonials

Carol has given me awareness of myself and who I am, clarity about what I can complete in my personal and professional commitments, and valuing my worth of my time. She is authentic, conscious, and balanced.

Margarite K.

Event Planner

I AM a greater woman and leader because you live Carol and coach me daily.

Cindy H.

Wellness Consultant

Carol is a powerful stand for teamwork and commitment. Thank you for your love, listening, and support.

Dr. Jay S.

Sleep Specialist

You are a demonstration of pristine listening, being with any conversation, and seeing the greatness in others.

Nina B.


You are beautiful, powerful, loving, inspiring, and caring, a world class lady, a coach who makes a difference for me, and changed my life dramatically.

Sophie D.

Immigrant Talks

I acknowledge you for your leadership and inspiration as a powerful woman who creates her life newly every moment and has fun doing it.

Christina P.

You are the master of inspiring others to create their lives as a special event.  Thank you for your unwavering commitment to others and empowering them to create their dreams into reality.

Laura V.

You taught me how to listen for others without making others wrong and showing how to cause a leader to emerge by asking the right questions.

Natalia B.

Carol’s coaching greatly helped me become increasingly aware of my thoughts and how they can impact my actions.  I was able to distinguish that, when conscious of ego, I can take new and powerful steps to fulfill on my commitments and desires in my life with integrity.

I appreciated how Carol’s high energy and clear approaches in our conversations would help to immediately ground me and tune me into what I’m truly committed to.

Having someone with her experience was instrumental in keeping a clear mindset on the areas in my life in which I wanted to strengthen my integrity.

Carol, you’re a positive voice in my head that has contributed to my winning system that I have implemented in my career and life.

Nital J.

World Class Poker

Carol has been an amazing leadership and lifestyle coach to me. She is enthusiastic and committed to developing young business leaders and brings out the best in them through her influential coaching. I learned to effectively manage a team and all aspects of a project to increase brand awareness. With her high level coaching, not only did I learn to collaborate with a team, but I also discovered a great deal about myself.

Getanjalie J.

Always cheerful and constructive mood, a true model of communication at work.

Vadim M.

A zest for life, a true inspiration to people. You inspire me to seize the day, to enjoy each moment as a celebration. Thank you for being so great.

Johnny K.


Your positive energy and enthusiasm are contagious. You bring fun and light heartedness wherever you go.  You have been a beacon of love and leadership.

Laura M.

Your listening is profound, your warmth and laughter have been like a musical backdrop. You coached me and invited me in expanding my leadership.

Tanya G.


Carol your coaching has been spot on, not only with me, but everyone I see you interact with. I am inspired by your entrepreneurial leadership. You are such a great human being, you are laughter, and playful. You are powerful.

Tiffany K.

Your success and impact is pure, innovative and inspiring. You bring out the best in others and are a delight to be around. Your smile, and energy is a gift. You are the source… as every moment counts.

Caroline G.

Life is a Special Event

Organize, Plan, and Celebrate Your Life

This is your life; a gifted period of existence here on earth; you are a soul living a human experience.