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Your Life is a Special Event Coaching Program

Your Life is a Special Event Coaching Program

This program includes the very best ideas, concepts, and techniques for creating the lifestyle of your dreams that I’ve learned and developed in the last decade.  You choose what area of life you want to master in yourself. Using the proven method used by professional event producers to create red carpet events, you apply planning and management to your personal life events!

  • What you will learn in Your Life is a Special Event:
  • How to create unthinkable and unimaginable events in your career, health and relationships
  • Utilize focus and performance tracking tools to accelerate and attain results
  • Design a sustainable lifestyle of balance freedom, enjoyment and accomplishment
  • Increase effectiveness in areas of life you choose with success and happiness

There are no do-overs when it comes to your life. Take the first step in becoming truly happy by learning to create life by design.   Experience moments satisfying  your specific needs fulfilling a life with purpose.

Carol Moxam Coaching

Lifestyle Coaching

It all starts with YOU and what you want. In one-on-one coaching I enable you to view and approach your world differently than you have ever done before. You choose what key areas of your life life that you want to go to work on such as relationships, businesses, finances or building a healthy lifestyle.


  • You take small measurable steps towards achieving your goal.
  • You evolve within yourself discovering and developing mastery in an improved level of effectiveness. This approach can be applied across all areas of life in small steps and with balance.
  • Coaching is designed to assist, guide and support you in a series of conversations.

Learn traditional and emerging communication tools so to become the creator of your own destiny, and have a future designed by choice.  One in which at any moment you have the choice to be your greatest self.

Conscious Leadership Coaching

This coaching is for you if you recognize yourself as a leader who grows and develops by mastering ongoing learning, growth and development in your organization.  You recognize the higher purpose of yourself, your business and lead from this awareness. Your awareness is either expanding, or it is not.

Conscious Leaders focus on “we”, rather than “me.” Inspiring, fostering transformation and bringing out the best in those around them.

  • You’ll do more and more of what you are passionate about, and less of what you do out of obligation
  • You’ll have more fun, be happier, experience being a leader on purpose and making a difference.
  • You create a culture of consciousness by focusing on purpose beyond profit.

Once you learn and start practicing consciousness leadership you’ll get results in the form of energy, clarity, focus and communication.

Team Leadership Coaching

As an authentic, leader you must understand and master your personal dynamics, as well as the dynamics of the organization, department or team you lead. In other words, you have to be able to lead yourself before you can effectively lead others. This coaching program helps leaders to develop systems that show the individual members of your teams how to take the required time to focus on themselves, while still achieving the team’s and organizations desired outcomes.

Our balanced approach in coaching leaders to create and expand teamwork produces tangible results with freedom and ease. With Team Management Leadership coaching:

  • Effective ways to prioritize the importance of projects
  • Drive concrete action steps for each individual team member,
  • Identify the right tools and matching capabilities to maximize the output of the overall team.

Our coaching yields clarity, vision, integrity and enables clear communications within the team towards achieving that big success goals everyday.

Balance and Systems Coaching

Do you want to double your revenue without doubling your hours your work? Then you have the opportunity in coaching in creating systems for yourself and your life.

As an entrepreneur and small business owner – starting, building and growing a business is exciting. Keeping track of all the activities is a common challenge and often prevents small business owners from expanding all the while enjoying a full life.  We show you how to set up a business system by automating and delegating so you can easily scale a business for high growth profits and enjoy time for yourself to appreciate holidays, time with family, or whatever suits your joy in having extra time for you.

Without systems, you don’t own a business – you ARE the business. That means if you want to double revenue, you need to double the hours you work. Since you only have so many hours in a day, that limits how fast and how big your business grows.

With our balanced systems coaching, we take you several steps further in your business by creating systems for your life, ultimately increasing your productivity and performance.  By participating in this program, you can be a successful leader in business, and enjoy an extraordinary lifestyle at the same time.

Mentorship Coaching

Our mentorship coaching is designed specifically for the upcoming generation of leaders and young entrepreneurs.   This is an excellent opportunity to accelerate personal and professional growth plans early on in your life.  With one-on-one coaching, we educate young people the power of choice, value of relationships, discipline, constancy, and focus. We start you off  with a strategy process to:

  • Design your ideal future, provide training on fundamental skills of integrity, communications, scheduling
  • Learn how to implement actions to produce powerful and effective results.
  • Take advantage of exclusive access to resources, experiences and expertise from your mentorship coach.
  • Learn skills in self leadership of intuitive communications, empathy, compassion, patience and consideration for others.

This is a renewable 90-day program.  The earlier you start in life you design a future with a rewarding lifestyle and satisfying career,  and fulfill on your big dream goals.

Life is a Special Event

Organize, Plan, and Celebrate Your Life

This is your life; a gifted period of existence here on earth; you are a soul living a human experience.