Life is a Special Event – Book


This book is a personal discovery for what you never though was possible.  There is no need to wait for a big occasion to start your planning, now is your time to accelerate your most precious dreams into reality.  Celebrate your Life.



Organize, Plan, and Celebrate Your Life

This book is about creating a life by design.   Author, Carol Moxam, applies tools and techniques of events management to your personal life planning.  Recognizing that life is a series of unique moments and you gain access to celebrate your best self all the while satisfying your specific needs in fulfilling a life with purpose.

Book Preface

There is one specific event unique to you: your birthday. A birth date represents a new cycle of life events that completes a circuit every 365 days. This is your day to celebrate your time on this earth and bathe in your own brilliance.

The journey Carol is committed to taking you on provides an opportunity for you to invent a theme for your life and create life as “The Real Party.” This is not an ordinary event, this is a Special Event, and you want to work with the very best teams and resources to make it all happen.

Many of us grow up living a linear and inherited life that is sometimes a safe life. We follow the path of our previous generations for school, work, marriage, and retirement. Once we are out of school, rarely does anyone ever stop to tell us how to design our own future.

When working in special events, as professional planners we  create new futures with events. This is our business; we do this for our clients. The client calls us with an event concept and requests we build a proposed plan, and with acceptance we then execute it. We get to dream up and create magical events. It all begins with an idea, an inspiration of what is possible.

Are you ready to take this on in your life? It is your turn to design your life as a special event. Dream big and create your vision.

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