I’ve learned that by fortifying myself from within throughout the day, the anxieties I would regularly have about meeting deadlines, about family matters and relationships dissolve and make room for me to look for solutions that always unfold in Devine Order.

Our mind is a powerful and important tool.  Our thoughts become things.  Mind is the source of all human beings have created. Just as we create live special events in business, we can do the same for our own life events.  It’s very prevalent in my own life and to entrepreneurs I have spoken with, we tend to leave our life plans in second place to our work.  My invitation for you today is to become mindful wherever you may be.

If this is a challenging time in your life, the moment you focus in your presence within you, you will feel comforted. The goal is to realize that every moment of our lives is meditation.  Allow yourself today to marvel in wonder.  As your awareness of presence in your life expands, you will feel peace that surpasses all understanding — not matter what unfolds.

As you plan your life events during this peak seasonal time, take a moment to be with yourself.  The more you are aware, the more you will feel wherever you are.

Photo Credit: Guilherme Stecanella, UnSplash