Photo Credit: Jakob Owens                                                                                           Content Credit: Andy Andrews

Every time you do something it matters.

Every time you take action or don’t it matters. And I can Prove it.

Andy Andrews open’s his presentation with the above and say’s “It took me years to learn.  They are the product of the worst times in my life. I made some bad choices.  They sent my life spiralling down.”  I can personally relate as a familiar journey of how life’s lessons become our best teachers.  Andy, captures this in how we make life decisions determines our destiny.  

The beauty is in simplicity.  The power of decision used in a group produces results.

1.   Decision #1 – The Buck Stops Here 

I am responsible for my future.  I am responsible for my past.  It’s amazing the things we blame.  I made choices in response to those things.  Every choice has led me to where I am.  Make better choices.  Responsibility is about hope and control.  The choices you make lead the way.

2.   Decision #2 – I will Seek Wisdom.

There are all kinds of studies people who are learning are in the process of learning.  You are where you are because of your best thinking.  You can spend years, reading and learning.  It can take you years to get out of where you are.  Get the best thinking of others.  I have my own Board of Directors with personal people, find people who are smarter than you. People with whom we surround ourselves is who we become.It is really critical to choose your friends with care.  Friends who help guide you and rise you to there level. A true friends holds you to a better standard,

3. Decision #3 – I am person of ACTION

Without action none of this matters.   The first thing we do is lay down when things get tough.  Wait on what?  You gotta do something to have things happen.  Our knowledge comes from people.  Every time you take action or don’t it matters.  The value of other people and every one of us.  Prove our worth! 

4. Decision #4 – I have a Decided Heart

More people fail from an undecided heart.  The purpose of analysis is to come to a conclusion.  Most people are talking to friends for input on decisions.   Successful people make their decisions quickly and change their minds slowly.  Unsuccessful people change their minds quickly and make their decisions slowly.  Leadership is stating an opinion and stick to it.  Have you experienced criticism – does this hurt?  That awful feeling.  Do you want to know how to deal with it?   

#5. Today I will choose to be HAPPY

You and I know that happiness is not money and success.  How could you possibly choose to be happy when Choose to be grateful.  Feel different.  Think in terms of million people who go to bed without a bed? A roof over their head?  Our friends.  Seeds of depression cannot take root in a grateful heart.  There are people who’s lives are getting better and better.  Our opportunities and encouragement come from people everyone wants to be around.  It is really important to become a person other people want to be around.  Our home life.

#6 – I will great each day with with a FORGIVING SPIRIT

Anger Resolution – this is a problem we all deal with.   Choose Forgiveness at soul level.  Deal was just to forgive.  Means more to the giver than the person being forgiven.  Forgiveness is about the past.  Trust is about the future. Emotions follow forgiveness.  Forgive ourselves for all that we have piled on our own shoulders. Goals we did not meet.  The weight is crushing.  I am not mad at you, so why are you mad at you?

#7 –  I will persist without EXCEPTION

Miracles occur when somehow you had no idea how it would happen.  If the reward is big it is going to be hard.  If it was easy, everybody would do it.    People encourage you to quit.  There you have to find a way.  Any time you hit the wall, you are not lacking anything, you are lacking an idea.  If you did know, what the next move you would do what would the next move you would do?  It all begins with a new IDEA – all we are looking for is an IDEA.