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Your Life is a Special Event Project

Your Life is a Special Event Project

Join the movement of celebrating YOU and and how you contribute to a better world of joy, happiness, moments with open hearts, moments working and playing, moments laughing or struggling, fully participating in the privilege of being alive.

“Life is a Special Event Project”, examines the special life stories of people from around the world. Each individual’s life events are unique and celebrate passion and talents. Every single person is inherently special. Being special means being respected. Being loved.

Personal stories are shared of people who are doing things with heart and living an authentic life.   In partnership with you, Carol summarizes your life moments and intuitively writes a story encompassing elements of Special Events.

Sophie Duan Success

Sophie Duan – Consultant & Social Entrepreneur

It was a Sunday afternoon, five years ago, I walked into the home of Sophie Duan.  She welcomed me and introduced me to her sons and daughter.  Up until this day we were complete strangers. Her son had invited me to her home to lead an event that afternoon.

What I remember most about this day was when Sophie asked me to stay that evening to enjoy some dinner with family. Her food was exquisite.  Prepared with such detail like that of a fine restaurant.  And with every bite of this dinner my taste senses were triggered with delight.  There was something about that meal and the company that gave me the kind of experience you cannot quite describe in words, however, I’d say is more a feeling in the heart.

What I want to share with you about Sophie, is that for me she is like princess who welcomes everyone into her palace.  Her home is filled with red everywhere and even Sophie wears the colour red in her dress.  Sophie grew up most of her life in China and accomplished a degree to practice as a Medical Doctor.  She then immigrated to Canada.

Up until her adulthood life she was raised in a well-provided family and well established in being a medical doctor.  The word  “poverty” was only a word or concept; it was never ever in her speaking  until moving to Canada. As an immigrant came to the new country, a single mother, I struggled for putting food on table and earning a roof above for my children.

Through her own life experiences Sophie recognized that  learning the English language as an immigrant impacted her integration into the community in Canada.  She knew she was not alone in having the challenge of communicating daily in life so she decided to establish a non-profit organization, M-Bridge Culture Integration for Professions.  A series training workshops were set-up to help thousands of immigrants to effectively communicate in the workplace and their homes.

Once this adventure was set up and running, she had her next mission to fulfill in connecting her home culture to the Canadian community of business.  In 2010 she founded the Duan Group that bridges gaps in business communication between Chinese and Western enterprises.

I am fortunate from the very day I met this princess, that her love, beautiful smile and genuine grace to contribute to others blessed my life.  Sophie spent two years on a team management leadership training program with me.  We would laugh, cry, explore, shop, adventure and most importantly develop our communication in working with teams.

During this time, Sophie ventured to create her next undertaking which was to build a platform where stories of immigrants could be shared on-line to make a difference for many. Immigrant Talk is a storytelling initiative and a place for immigrants to share their dreams and to showcase their talents and strength.

What I love to do for my special leaders it explore their life as see who they are as a special event.  Who Sophie Duan is in my listening and in creating her  “Life is a Special Event” is as the “Emperor’s Daughter”.

Annaliza Laxamana Success

Annaliza Laxamana – CEO/Co-Founder

When you are fortunate to meet a woman named Annaliza Laxamana be prepared to have your life shift in more ways than you can imagine.

In 2010 I received a message on Facebook from this wonderful business leader in the Philippines.  She had sent me a very kind message to acknowledge my work in special events for mentoring young people.  Annaliza had an idea.  You can be assured when she receives an inspiration to create an event, it will happen.  This bright idea was to bring my Special Event Boot Camp program to the Philippines to the island of Boracay and train young people in a two day workshop on special events.

After 36 hours and three different flights, I was taken to the island of Boracay to a beautiful resort “Boracay EcoVillage Resort”.  I would meet a group of talented professors, practitioners, and students eager to make a difference for the next generation of young leaders going into the field of special events.  We successfully delivered the work shop.  More importantly we established a relationship that continues to expand today with sharing, love, and appreciation for each other’s leadership in two countries miles and miles away.  With the technology of Facebook it is connecting us every day in what we are creating in life.

What you want to know about this radiant human being,is that she connects and inspires people around the world.  In 1994 she left the comfort of a job to venture out and start her own business.  She has never looked back since.  In fact everywhere she goes she blazes a trail of opportunity for her people.  In two decades she has established four separate businesses.  In the late hours of any given day she is found reading books discovering further knowledge to transfer into her work and sharing with people.

Her life is dedicated to making a difference with others. This is evident in all the businesses, workshops, conferences and training platforms she creates.  She has put her own family life at stake for all that she does for her community.

The heart of Annaliza is in her home where she fills the role of mother to three beautiful children and wife to Jess.  Her faith fuels all her passion with family and her contributions in her life.

Just when you think she has her hands full, she will surprise you with her next talent.  When a paint brush was put into her hands, the most magnificent imagery of “Life’s Pathways” was painted on canvas.  This  touched us all with great admiration.  This woman is special, and goes beyond all expectations.  An example for us to discover that life is endless opportunities for ever expanding ourselves, our gifts and to share with others.

When you think of Annaliza’s Life Story she represents dedication, commitment, love, faith and joy.  When I created Annaliza’s life as a special event the world she is a  “A Living Temple”.

Life is a Special Event

Organize, Plan, and Celebrate Your Life

This is your life; a gifted period of existence here on earth; you are a soul living a human experience.