It's My TIme

It’s My TIme

It is MY Time to Live

It is MY Time to Love

It is MY Time to Learn

It is MY Time to Leave a Legacy

What I learned was that to lead my own life, I must first lead my time, my 24 hours in a  day.  Time makes up life.  The asset well all have in common in equal amounts.

Each and every day, time doles out 24 hours to everyone.  Not matter the age, the level of wealth, or even the intended plans for those 24 hours are freely given.

No one has more of it than anyone else.  What we need to do is put priorities on our goals and activities and to manage ourselves accordingly, instead of allowing conditions to manage us.  We always have time and make time for things which are really  important to us.

This one took me some time to learn.  For years I did not manage my schedule for any personal time.  My time was always focused on work.  I used to run from appointment to appointment rushed and unfocused.  My view on time was it was limited.

Through my own experiences I was able to look at my relationship to time, expand on a new possibility of what I can do with unlimited time, and then apply this to my life events NOW.

The question you want to ask yourself is “What will I do with time today that will make a difference in how I spend my time?”

Dedicate your life with consciousness on your time and see what miracles can happen.