Destination - You and the World

Destination – You and the World

This great invention of the airplane takes us around the world to visit our loved ones and stay connected.  In the world of special events we coordinate our travels with a destination planning partner in the country we are bringing our guests.  This role is called Destination Management Company.  Imagine a company you could hire to manage your life anywhere you are in the world.  The company might be called  Destination Management Life.

Our travels connect us with our loved ones and with ourselves.  Those retreats well deserved where we leave our piles of daily tasks on hold to be fully present with our special people.

When you really think of moments of vacation retreat travels are sometimes considered to be our most adventurous experiences.  There is something about the freedom to fully express yourself while away on holidays.  And yet why do we not take this on in our every day lives at home?  …perhaps you do, and if you are fully self-expressed all the time then good for you.  I know for sure, when I leave town I become the uninhibited explorer.  I have a desire to meet people in their culture just as they live.  Often you will find me off the tourist path and into the village.

This year, I have been privileged to travel to nine cities.  It is a gift.  I have had the most amazing experiences of contribution from others.

I am always wanting to get somewhere.   What I know now is the only place to be is here and now.  I am creating travel, adventure, and joyous fun with destinations to visit around the world.