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by Carol Moxam

Destination – You in the World

This great invention of the airplane takes us around the world to visit our loved ones and stay connected.  In the world of special events we coordinate our travels with a destination planning partner in the country we are bringing our guests.  This role is called...

It’s MY Time

It is MY Time to Live It is MY Time to Love It is MY Time to Learn It is MY Time to Leave a Legacy What I learned was that to lead my own life, I must first lead my time, my 24 hours in a  day.  Time makes up life.  The asset well all have in common in equal amounts....

Being an Audacious Rhinoceros

Four year’s ago my sister gave me a little red book with the title “Rhinoceros Success” by Scott Alexander.  She also gave me big blue toy stuffed rhino.  It became a source for me charging full speed toward every opportunity.  And over the next couple of years I...

Live Today

Today's the day...the day I jump in and write versus just talking about it.  My first blog for "Life is a Special Event".  And I am dedicating this blog to a beautiful woman who is changed the world while she was living, Ms. Karla Shah.  For today, one week after you...

Life is a Special Event

Organize, Plan, and Celebrate Your Life

This is your life; a gifted period of existence here on earth; you are a soul living a human experience.

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