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For over three decades Carol has spoken to audiences including global entrepreneurs, young professionals, human resources professionals, immigrants, educational institutions and international studies in both events management and leadership. Carol is a natural speaker, fun, inspiring, personal and delivers key messages with positive and powerful impact to her audiences. Some topics she has recently spoken on include:

  • Life is a Special Event
  • Bringing Out the Best in Others
  • Your Biggest Competition is Yourself
  • Master Yourself – Master Business
  • Dreams to Reality

Carol Moxam History

Carol Moxam

An authentic, lifestyle and leadership coach.

A first-class leader, author, mentor and master teacher with a depth and understanding of mastering one’s self. She applies harmony and balance first-hand to the full spectrum of life experiences both personally and professionally. She is inspirational and practical as a coach of world class leaders.

Carol’s mission as a coach is creating a new generation of conscious leaders achieving peak performance while enjoying a lifestyle of choice.  Known by her peers as a master in leadership, teams, entrepreneurship and communications. She has

  •   25 years of entrepreneurship experience
  •   A life-long dedication and commitment of continuous learning and teachings
  •   10 years training with holistic, consciousness coaching
  •   Team Management Mentorship & Leadership Expert
  •   A Reiki Master practicing healing using the spoken word

Her first career spanned over two decades being successful entrepreneur, a Certified Special Event Professional, and mentor for hundreds of young planners and being recognized by her peers as top in Canada. Her success as an entrepreneur in special events established the foundation for her coaching approach in liberating and enabling others to define their version of success and empowering them to achieve it with celebration in every moment.

Founder of the “Life is a Special Event Project”, she examines the special life stories of leaders around the world celebrating life and leadership in community. Each individual’s life events are so unique and celebrated in both passion and talents.

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Life is a Special Event

Organize, Plan, and Celebrate Your Life

This is your life; a gifted period of existence here on earth; you are a soul living a human experience.