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“When you live your life in ways that express your treasured talents, connect with your true passions, and are grounded in your fundamental values, you live an authentically balanced life.”

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Your life is in production every day, there are no retakes, and life is going the way it is going because you are creating it. The book is an invitation is for you to examine your every day plans in life, and discover a new found awareness on how you can design every moment you experience with inspiration and detail.

Carol has given me awareness of myself and who I am, clarity about what I can complete in my personal and professional commitments, and valuing my worth of my time. She is authentic, conscious, and balanced.

Margarite K.

Event Planner

I AM a greater woman and leader because you live Carol and coach me daily.

Cindy H.

Wellness Consultant

Carol is a powerful stand for teamwork and commitment. Thank you for your love, listening, and support.

Dr. Jay S.

Sleep Specialist

You are a demonstration of pristine listening, being with any conversation, and seeing the greatness in others.

Nina B.


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Life is a Special Event

Organize, Plan, and Celebrate Your Life

This is your life; a gifted period of existence here on earth; you are a soul living a human experience.